About Us




Expose Me

The Idea

Expose Me was founded as a platform for the many talented people out there to place and sell their artwork. People from all walks of life spend their free time dedicating themselves to hidden artistic pursuits, the creations often end up collecting dust or given away.

Expose Me wants to shine a spotlight on these people and give the artists and their pieces the recognition they deserve, provide a platform in which they can sell their work and help support the continued passion for art.



Expose Me

The Process

Artists can submit their artwork to our consignment panel, which is made up of a diverse group of people with different likes, views and styles. The applications are made online via our form and photo submission, along with a rate selection and package chosen.

Successful applicants will then have their artwork displayed in our galleries and broadcast amongst our media channels and advertisement campaigns.

Once a piece sells, artists will receive their money in a variety of quick and easy formats depending on the artists preference.




The Movement

Expose Me Art Galleries created the - True You - name as a means of generating a new art movement. Our goal is to promote Artists to bring out their passions and creations that so often remain hidden.

Skill, talent and creativity are nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of, We intend to encourage, support and promote Artists through charity drives, functions and events to bring awareness to everyone that Artistry and Creativity deserve the spotlight.